Taking a Chinese class could be the single most important and rewarding decision you make in today's economy. New York Chinese Language Center offers the most comprehensive educational Chinese learning program in NYC.

This is the spot where Mandarin Chinese comes alive!


  • All over the world, more and more people are learning Chinese as a second language.
  • Nearly 3 times as many people now speak Mandarin Chinese than English.
  • That means one-in-six people on Earth speak Mandarin Chinese.
New York Chinese Language Center (NYCLC) teaches you to speak and understand Mandarin Chinese, which is fast becoming the world's "must speak" language.
New York Chinese Language Center offers you all this:
  • New York Chinese Language Center has small class settings for careful attention to your progress.
  • Native Mandarin Chinese speaking instructors with years of teaching experiences use their talent and ability to help you learn the language quickly and correctly in our classes.
  • New York Chinese Language Center uses both Zhuyin and Hanyu Pinyin systems to ensure accuracy of your pronunciation.
  • Effective & relevant class content that can be applied to real life situations is always used at New York Chinese Language Center.
  • NYCLC uses dynamic and practical exercises that will grow your interest in China: this correlates to better retention of what you learn in the class.
  • New York Chinese Language Center exposes you to the Chinese culture and costumes, expanding your interest in the language in context.

For more information about learning Mandarin Chinese, the New York Chinese Language Center, speaking Chinese in NYC, or for general questions, please contact us.



New York Chinese Language Center

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New York Chinese Language Center


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