Easy and fun to learn!

Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese like a native speaker !

No matter what your age, you can learn the Chinese language. Now is the time to begin.

New York Chinese Language Center has two levels of Mandarin Chinese beginner's classes.

NYCLC Strategies for Successful Learning:

• Role-playing Chinese conversation practices
• Step-by-step Chinese grammar analysis
• Chinese vocabulary building
• Challenging but fun Chinese writing assignments

Beginners at New York Chinese Language Center evolve into effective communicators in the Chinese language, able to create sentences on their own, make conversations, and even write simple letters.

Using the Mandarin phonetic systems of Hanyu Pinyin and Zhuyin, students are taught the precise pronunciation of each word for accurate articulation and successful expression. On-site conversation practices while dining out and shopping in a group in NYC's Chinatown or Flushing often round out the course, giving students a real-life experience and immersion in the world of Chinese.

All NYCLC students may also receive a complimentary class on Chinese tea brewing and tasting or Tai Chi Chuan lesson from our affiliated organizations for more appreciation of the colorful Chinese culture.


Beginner I

Begin exploring Mandarin Chinese.

Learn simple grammar: greetings, counting numbers, naming common objects, and using proper classifiers.

Learn the foundation basics of accurate pronunciation.

Students will be competent in:

• Pin Yin or Zhuyin system
• Greeting
• Subjects and “Be” verb
• “What”, “Where”, “This”, “That”, “Here” and “There” sentence structures
• Counting numbers

Course Hrs: 2 hrs per week for 8 weeks.


Course Date: Starting date: 7/28/2014

Tuition: $450


Beginner II

Building on skills learned in Beginners I, students will explore various sentence structures, auxiliary verbs, as well as building their vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

Students will be competent in:

• Auxiliary Verbs
• Telling Time
• “Who”, “When”, “How much” and “How many” sentence structures
• Commonly used verbs

Course Hrs: 2 hrs per week for 8 weeks.

Course Date:

Mon. Session - tba

Tuition: $450

*Register for Beginner's I and Beginner's II classes together to receive a 10% discount


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